• Consulting services in economic and social development

Specialized intervention lines

During the last 10 years we have designed and implemented various tools and methodologies that have allowed us to identify the endogenous and exogenous strengths of our clients facing the diverse challenges of the social and environmental sustainability of our era.

From its line of work of economic and social development, Helice Inclusion seeks to generate change and improvement in all those vulnerable contexts, acting as a facilitator. Helice promotes the search of knowledge, institutions and people, to build innovative solutions and long-term sustainable life options within their current

Lines of work

Gender studies, financial inclusion and entrepreneurship.
Strengthening of agricultural value chains.
Project evaluation and impact studies.
Market studies and design of financial products for vulnerable populations.

Helice Inclusion


Helice Inclusion is an independent global consulting company with more than 10 years of experience, providing services related to economic and social development, aimed at promoting smart solutions for a more inclusive and sustainable world. Its main headquarters are in Switzerland and Colombia.

If your institution is interested in knowing in more detail the specific experience that Helice has in each of its lines of work, you can request an institutional presentation in the contact form.

Headquarter in Switzerland

Tramstrasse 35, Zúrich, Suiza
Teléfono: +41 799579756