• Insurance solutions, risk and resilience management

Helice have specialized in providing market intelligence services offering the necessary technical assistance to develop insurance solutions not available in the traditional reinsurance and insurance market, which promote resilience and mitigation to climate change in vulnerable populations.


We have the flexibility to work with various global reinsurers, intermediaries, insurers, risk aggregators and all kinds of institutions that want to test new insurance solutions against climate and nature risks for small producers and the rural value chain.

Business model and value proposition

Helice Inclusion

Helice Inclusion

Identifies potential risk aggregators.

Provides technical assistance for the design and implementation of the product.



Risk aggregator

Subscribes life, health, property and agriculture products according to your needs.

A 3-year distribution agreement is established

For the implementation of a financially and socially sustainable business model.



Takes the risk establishing a contractual relationship with the insurer, acting as Fronting or Facultative Cession.

Solutions and schemes offered

1. Social insurance solutions

Comprehensive life for a family nucleus

Comprehensive life insurance with special coverages and minimal exclusions. Maternity assistance, compensation for the first diagnosis of cancer and serious diseases, benefits extended to the entire family.

Gender approach

Insurance with a gender focus and promotion of retirement savings (micro capitalization, micro pensions, etc.)

Migrant Populations

Products for the immigrant population, senders and receivers of remittances.

Small Companies

We support the recovery of small entrepreneurs through first loss or parametric indemnity insurance solutions.


Insurance products a through technology platforms and Fintech institutions.

2. Assurance solutions against climate change and natural catastrophes

Helice have specialized in the development of insurance solutions based on indexes or parameters. These projects constitute a real mitigation tool against climate change due to the use of innovative methodologies and satellite data, which has ensured:

  1. Parameters designed according to agricultural or urban activities, and climate variability in various insured areas.
  2. Efficiency in the settlement of claims.
  3. Lower costs of loss evaluation.
  4. Low administrative costs - compressing premiums significantly.
  5. No associated moral hazard.
  6. Schemes that can offer solutions to protect agricultural portfolios, value chains and large buyers of raw materials.
  7. Affordable for small producers of less than five hectares and vulnerable populations.
  8. Product available in large areas (whole countries).

3. Social resilience bonus

It seeks to support the recovery of vulnerable populations against natural catastrophes.

Insurance solution aimed at vulnerable populations in the rural and urban sector for
severe and catastrophic events.

Coverages designed according to the climate and natural cat risks prevailing in the various insured areas are provided, in accordance with the climatological homogeneity of the last thirty years.

A linear scale of compensations (payments) is offered according to the magnitude of the event that will be activated by the indexes established by the insured area at the municipality level.

It covers direct or indirect losses of the agricultural population and rural and urban value chains.

4. Climate agricultural insurance

Agricultural insurance to assist small producers and their value chains against medium-sized and catastrophic climate and nature risks.

This insurance solution is targeted especially for small agricultural producers and rural value chains.

Covers a climatic variation or the occurrence of a nat cat event for two layers of risk: medium and catastrophic magnitude.

The coverage of events of medium magnitude, ensures long-term sustainability of the rural sector, given that it is medium-sized events are gradually decapitalizing
small rural producers.

A linear scale of indemnities (payments) based on the magnitude of the event will be activated by the indexes established by insured area, crop and climatic season.

Helice Inclusion


Helice Inclusion is an independent global consulting company with more than 10 years of experience, providing services related to economic and social development, aimed at promoting smart solutions for a more inclusive and sustainable world. Its main headquarters are in Switzerland and Colombia.

If your institution is interested in knowing in more detail the specific experience that Helice has in each of its lines of work, you can request an institutional presentation in the contact form.

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