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Our experience in solutions design for quality assurance

Satellite climate parametric agricultural insurance to provide coverage for agricultural loan portfolios of major financial institutions. Targeted coverage as well as to the areas of soybeans, basic grains, coffee and other crops for associations, cooperatives and other institutions involved in agricultural value chain

Life Insurance with special coverages and minimal exclusions. Maternity leave help, assistance to first diagnosis of cancer and serious illnesses, extended benefits to the family unit as a whole, among others.

Insurance with gender focus and fomentation of savings for retirement (micro-capitalization, micro-pensions, etc.).

Products for the immigrant population, remittance senders and receivers..

Insurance through technological platforms and Fintech institutions.

Our valuable proposition


Our clients receive the 100% of the technical assistance required for building of capacities at different levels at no cost, to establish a sustainable business model: market research, product design, value chain construction and quality assurance.


We consolidate alliances joining the global reinsurance market with insurance companies so they can deliver products to our customers, which are not available in the local market. The reinsurer absorbs 100% of the risk to the insurer and offers the possibility to develop capacity and know the risk the first years of marketing of the product.


We guarantee that the products that are designed and marketed by our customers are a line of business within its portfolio of products. We structure a business model that will allow reinvestment or commission to our customers and strategic partners.

Our differentiator values in the market

In-depth knowledge of the insurance market in Latin America and the Caribbean. More than a decade working with the insurance sector, the reinsurer, donors, distribution channels and regulators to strengthen the development of inclusive insurance on the continent.

Offering technological solution that allows the administration of insurance programs inclusive with an effective connectivity between concerned parties, avoiding the operational burden and the circulation of high volumes of physical documents.

Three years designing agricultural insurance products for major reinsurers worldwide.

Consolidated baseline methodology for agricultural insurance structuring products for financial institutions devoted to the care of small and medium-sized producers.

Identification of potential new distribution channels for agricultural insurance parametric satellite (Meso- and Micro-Models) or indemnities

Technical assistance for distribution channels. Market research, achieving technical and commercial information for the structuring of the chain quality assurance. Ensuring long-term sustainability of projects.