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Institution dedicated to offering solutions

HELICE INCLUSION is an institution dedicated to offering quality assurance solutions, adaptation to climate change, risk management and resilience in vulnerable populations and for the needy. Through its cooperation agreements with different reinsurers and insurers in the world, it offers innovative solutions that allow to propose products that are not normally available on the market.

Since 2008 HELICE INCLUSION has been working with multilateral investment funds, insurance companies, distribution channels and different organizations, providing technical assistance to test innovative products and business models in the insurance and reinsurance market, ensuring value for the customer, under social and economic sustainability schemes in vulnerable populations with low access to insurance products and weak mechanisms for management of its risks.

We design inclusive insurance products

Starting in 2015, HELICE INCLUSION developed a business model that allows it to offer innovative products that traditionally are not offered in the insurance market, due to the high content of innovation and research required.

Through construction of strategic alliances, with leading insurers and reinsurers in the world market, HELICE INCLUSION, presently, has designed inclusive insurance products in different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean that were previously not offered by your current customers.

Graphic Business Model

Business Model

The operating model of alliances of HELICE INCLUSION identifies potential distribution channels, providing technical assistance for the design and marketing of the product.

Sets the best distribution channel for the commercialization of products of life, health, property and agriculture according to the needs. By establishing distribution arrangements for 3 years for the implementation of a sustainable business model financially and socially.

The reinsurer takes the risk of establishing contractual relationship with the insurer, figure of Fronting or facultative.